Sunday, June 23, 2013

Time Balance For Writing.

A balance between your web sites/blogs, to research realistic fiction, and novel writing is important.  Realistic writing should be believable to engage your reader.  Research your writing for details that your reader will find more interesting.

Using reliable internet sites can be a fast way to research.
Visit your library, and if your library is online with your library card you can research.
Photographs travel, and interviews can provide information and inspiration.
Read books in your genre and what is best selling can help to make decisions.
Television may have presentations dated or not.
Newspapers may have online options.
Sources should give accurate up to date information.
Some of the best fiction comes from real life.
Some details help craft your story to include your readers.
What is really thought of or voiced in conversation.
The scent of fir trees or other short descriptions give a real visual depth.
Show readers through character action and interaction.
Always take notes to streamline your process.
A rested clear mind is important.

**Research for the elements of your novel**
Conflict – weaving the drama elements of the novel together.  Use action with some stirring dialogue.
Character – learning to do something beyond their flaws through the course of the novel.  Each character prompts the other to action or a situation can prompt to action.
Structure & Plot – the basic three act structure.
Act 1 – introduction to setting and character; with some dialogue that drives the main character into the conflicting story situation.
Act 2 – the story develops through obstacles temporarily resolved, each through a rise then falling of tension.  These lead to tension and the ultimate crisis confrontation.
Act 3 – The crisis, tension and loose end story threads are rapidly resolved.  A readers interest is not held long, complete the novel.
Read your novel again.  It should sound right with researched information.
Think of high end reviews in advance, they are an important quality indicator and show people your novel is available.

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