Sunday, June 16, 2013

Writing Process Stages

Inspiration – idea for a story.
Development – connected details resolved.
Exposition – techniques to reveal sequence progression.
Storytelling – communication in chosen words.

The flow of writing is smooth clear and concise to hold your readers interest.
Where writing is vague sharpen it.
Tension is stretched in an exciting scene.
Read your scenes out loud for flow in logic and clarity.
If the story flow is interrupted, cut the unnecessary words, sentences, scenes and pages.
You decide for action and dialogue knowing what comes before and after.  The reader should want to read on with the flow.

There’s no rule to write in order.  Write the scenes for beginning, middle or end, with your ideas that are easily thought of.  Fill in the pages if you’re not sure how to begin.

Write four different beginning paragraphs.  Decide which one has more descriptive development possibilities of interest, for the reader to read on.
Through reading what you are interested in, focus on the techniques being used for different effects.  Write a lot and develop your style through practice trying different techniques.  Be consistent writing every day or at set times during the week.

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