Sunday, September 28, 2014

Story Prompts Of Characters

What would you look at being the character?  What feelings and experiences would it inspire?

1) Your character’s a criminal defense attorney who travels between courthouses to defend clients of every kind.  Many clients seem surprisingly unconcerned about their situations.  Your character decides he will have to take matters in his own hands and find out about their situations for himself. For him using every tactic, law is about justice and saving his own life.

2) Your character is a criminologist, in the field of forensics.  A police detective is assisting and at times challenging him.  He has to choose sides with clues reaching back into the cities dark past, of a killer madwoman who won’t stop.

3) Your character a weather investigator is summoned to another country to analyze mysterious noises—recently sound only has battered the outside of homes.  He discovers evidence that may be extraterrestrial.  Historically a powerful documented civilization that has surfaced to carry out its final phase against its most hated enemies, the new world order.

4) Your characters mother who is about to get married is in a mysterious car crash. Everything on hold the small family to be vacations across country.  They encounter volcanic refugees on their strange journey.  Adventurous encounters are gripping as they make their way back home.

5) Your character is sailing toward a foreign land to claim his century’s old birthright when the vessel is captured.  Treachery from a mainland powerful dark organization may be the cause of the savage ship capture. Your character is offered a choice.

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