Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tension By Revealing Writing Technique

As the story unfolds the increasing size of something or less extensive than it first appears is one tension technique.  The following example is an excerpt from my latest Thriller book.

On one of the turns she happened to glance up above the
tree line. In the sky there was a white disc object; red fiery
hollow rings started to come from it. Actually it seemed they
were coming closer, and were growing larger the closer they
got to her.
She turned a corner and the disc was covered by a mountain
ridge. That’s better she thought, I’ll bet Jay has never seen anything
like that. Wait until I tell him about it, I know he’s into
physics. What fun he’ll be so excited to know what is flying
just north of his city. She took another drink of white chocolate
mocha coffee.
Anna drove many miles as the curved highway 101 followed
the coastline. She rounded a curve to find herself in the strange
swirls of a misty fog bank. She saw light blue areas in the white
fog. Farther into the fog she slowed her car down.
Small water droplets began hitting her windshield from
the thick fog. She could see the fog droplets were rotating
in a light blue glow as they generated in mid-air just in front
of her car. The droplets were spiral spreading outward and
became smaller.
Anna realized her simple drive south had become a
white knuckle ride to stay on the highway, in almost stop
driving conditions.
Slow driving through the strange thick fog for over an hour,
brought her out into a thin mist that sparkled with gold sun
streaks. Anna felt a sweep of relief; finally she had navigated
out of the strange fog.
Somehow the air had changed from moist and cold to heat
with no transition. She turned her heater off while the outside
air heat increased reminding her of a desert in summer.
Ahead above the highway the sky looked anything but
normal. Earths blue sky had a green sparkle that swept over
and showered down through it.
Anna decided earth must have taken a near direct hit from a
gigantic solar flare. Even her cars radio had news stations that
were talking about the sun’s increased solar activity.
She hoped the high temperatures would return to normal
soon. The crescent shape flare rapidly swept in a point toward
the west, its heat effect and sparkling green had disappeared.
Anna didn’t expect the drive from Coos Bay, Oregon to
Crescent City, California to be unpleasant. She hadn’t realized
the weather would transform her trip into a terrifying series
of events.
Driving time passed quietly with nothing more out of the
ordinary. She was almost alone on the highway; she noticed
that few cars had driven past her. She turned the heater on
again; the open ocean air once again was still cool in the
late spring.

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