Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stories Goal With insight

Insight adds into the speaker’s personal issues, the nature of his or her relationship to another character, and also can illustrate an aspect of the story’s thematic message.  New experiences reveal surprises as new interpretations and understandings are exposed through the journey. The following excerpt from my latest Thriller book.

As their space craft cleared the mountains,
Lieutenant Ilyon clicked on the computer imaging map of targeted
Earth areas.
“Lieutenant Ilyon, direct our craft to my chosen cargo
release point,” ordered Captain Nar. Project ships wavelengths
to burn a clear path on Earth's surface for 90 earth miles now.”
“We are now underway as you ordered,” confirmed Ilyon.
“All wavelengths are set Captain Nar. Green vegetation will
shrivel and crumble to dust as we pass over it.”
Battle Craft in Nar's fleet were all the same. A disc craft
with a semi-flattened dome was above the war rooms. One
third of the inner lower dome displayed targeted earth areas,
inter-dimensional travel paths and systems within the universes.
The center of the dome could be cleared for viewing any
area of interest.
Outer skin of the craft played an important part in projection
of opposing particles. Those particles changed as all space
is not the same, resulting in propulsion of the craft.
Sensors constantly monitored outer changing particles to
interact with the projection system. The result was direction and speed.
A separate projection system was used
to direct circular hollow fiery rings or emanate overall wavelengths,
for destruction of their intended targets.
Inside the craft was grey in color. The crew’s quarters took
up a portion of the outside ring for a number of over two
thousand crew members. One smaller section of the lower
inner level opened outward for craft access. The center outside
diameter had porthole viewing windows from an outer white
color craft.
“Contact the fleet Lieutenant Ilyon. Increase the suns
wavelengths and earths volcanic seismic wavelength activity.
Both wavelengths will penetrate through all of Earths slower
moving particles.”
His light brown eyes oddly sparkled in the light, Nar continued,
“Increase with the sun until people lose consciousness.
They will wake up with some memory loss. The volcanic irradiation
wavelengths will heat through people, until their skin
is red.”
Ilyon threw a contemptuous look at the viewing screens, the
lids of his light brown eyes narrowed. “Captain Nar, you need
my assistance. With selected map areas of coverage; earth’s
population will not suspect, there are intelligent wavelength
controlling sources. Alternate the wavelengths intensity intermittently,
around the planet. Earth will have more frequent
earthquakes and storms, both will intensify.”
“Of course,” Nar agreed reflectively glancing at the screens.
“I can certainly understand that. This will plunge the world
into a time of global crisis. Permission is granted Ilyon your
suggestion is accepted. Monitor the various light frequencies
and reactions of the nearest space objects and the diffuse
plasma clouds, there may be subtle changes. We don’t want to
attract any surprise guests.”
Abruptly Ilyon turned to the bank of controls and contacted
the battle group. He licked his lips as he entered the additional
order to alternate the wavelengths intermittently. He turned
back to Nar, “I have ordered the battle group to complete your
requested task,” Ilyon said calmly.
“They have acknowledged. All Battle Group wavelengths
have been fired simultaneously. Our dimension has increased
interactive wavelength intensity and will maintain the
increase,” Ilyon said.
Low conversation among crew members in the crafts war
room went silent. They knew complete destruction of earth
was coming.
A door slid open and crew members came into the war
room. They gathered and watched the viewing screens. It had
started, the long awaited for time when all of their hard work
would be completed at once.
Crew could now see as they stood under the overhead
dome, a long arching arm of one gigantic sparkling solar flare.
It was rapidly reaching out in a travel path through black space
toward earth.
The flare one of many to come would add electromagnetism
to earths causing more earthquake swarms with increased
quake magnitudes.
Earths only relief would be in its rotation. Flares would
unbalance earth’s electric charges; sweeping more away in daylight
than night hours could accumulate.

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