Monday, July 20, 2015

Ideas For Creative Writing – Suspense With Focus On Writing Dialogue

For suspense, tension grows as the dialogue continues; making the reader wait for the answer.  Description is setting the scene without telling and the dialogue exchange adds suspense before revealing the answer.  When creating conflict scenes between two or more characters, you might consider dialogue to delay and reveal the answer in another scene.

Below is an excerpt from the Thriller book: Secret Terror In Wavelengths

“Find somewhere no one would think to look for us,”
Nar said.
“And then,” Ilyon said. A suspicious glint came into his eyes.
“Do we get to know where we are going?” Ilyon said. “Why
do I have a suppressed feeling about this?”
For a long moment they just looked at each other.
“We might find a way to enter the Faster Quantum undetected,”
Nar said.
“Yes if humans find and duplicate the right wavelength,”
Ilyon said. “Our changed wavelengths could possibly travel and
never be noticed next to theirs.”
“Anyone that strays to close is attached,” Ilyon admitted
pursing his lips. “Wave links are also projected directly
into their minds. We have wave links monitoring individual’s
actions and speech. Their speech is monitored through seismic
wavelengths. The Wave Links know what desirable mental
prompting to project into humans changing the course of
thoughts to our direction.”
“Excellent,” Nar said. “You will tell us how our technology is
a success to increase our attacks.”
“Distractions are constantly sent into the minds of individuals.”

The book Secret Terror In Wavelengths – Wave Links has a technology society slant and can be purchased at:

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