Sunday, May 31, 2015

What is Narrative Writing? – Definition With Component Example

Narrative writing, is writing that tells a story and usually categorized as fiction. Some nonfiction is based on real facts telling a story, to classify it as narrative writing.  Stories must have characters, plot, conflict, setting, tone, atmosphere and point of view.  A component example for an element in the setting follows about space.

A pulse or excited as hydrogen in a timed transition,
at the level of concentration becoming excited energy;
again the electromagnetic conducting system continually
maintains its moment by moment holding pattern. The light
speed travel holding pattern of gravitation, functioning with a
whole universe is not regulated to one seen component space,
stars, sun, moon, earth; as each area is sustaining the whole,
in connected wavelength gravitation traveling conversions.

The Quantum Theory timed transitions of emission or
absorption of energy quantum are connected; in gaseous
state elements radiate and absorb light frequencies. Each
element absorbs energy when the quantum or amount of
energy is reached, emitting or absorbing limited amounts. In
the photoelectric effect quantum are called photons, each
carrying the exact amount of energy the atom absorbed.

The Strong Nuclear Force or strong force holds together
subatomic particles of the nucleus, protons carrying a positive
charge and neutrons carrying no charge.
The exchange of particles called mesons creates the
strong nuclear force. With the meson exchange in place the
strong nuclear force holds participating nucleons together.
The electromagnetic force can cause repulsion from other
proton nucleus. Then to allow meson exchange causing the
strong force, two protons nuclei, must be high temperatures
for extremely fast movement or under intense pressure;
allowing close exchange of meson to cause the strong force.

Weak Nuclear Force or weak force, because its short range
field strength is less than electromagnetism.

The four fundamental interaction forces of nature are
Strong Nuclear Force, Electromagnetism, Weak Nuclear
Force and Gravitation. Gravitational strong fields are
described for Planks linearized gravity. Gravitational waves
transport energy as gravitational radiation, including neutron
stars and black holes as two examples.

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