Sunday, April 26, 2015

Writing Scene Transition in Novels

Scene transitions use insight directing known causes; from the completion of one event to begin the next scene, for a level of fact.

To change a scene with a new tone or mood, the transition immediately establishes the new tone or mood.  Word descriptions are emphasized to express the imagery and set the tone.  Mood evolves with change through vivid descriptive words to add presence.  Mood is the tension and emotion atmosphere crafted advancing the story.  Characters can evolve with mood through transition.

Scene changes can be identified by the description of a new named place, or characters in action with effects their new surroundings provide.  An event can be described with levels and discoveries.  Time and date are also a transition for scene change. Characters responses with expected action, in chosen areas can indicate planned time for the scene to change.

A new viewpoint character is identified immediately with name, different thoughts, emotions and actions to change scenes in a chapter.  When transitioning with foreshadow at the end of a chapter, a new chapter is used for the scene change.  Some description is used at the beginning of the new chapter; it is the time honored place that the scene changes are expected.

Narration pace moves a story without becoming a scene.  With a longer description the pace is slow, as the author gives details changing the place or time in a setting.  Narrative pace can speed up or slow down rhythm with punctuation and word choice.  A narration pace in the story is not what is taking place; during a scene the characters in action or opposition move the story forward, then narrative pace is sped up with shorter words.

Transitions smoothly connect and advance the story direction with purpose, complications and result.  Transitions are usually short and can be used in story elements and narration.  Decide how the scene transition provides: description, tension, pace, dialogue, mood or tone.  Transitions through to the story end connect the resolution or knowledge gained changing the main character.

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