Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Writers Personal Expression Is Distinct

Writing that comes from your experience is unique to you and no one can replace your life knowledge.  Finding your distinct style is the same, in the expression of events directing the reader to an exciting understanding.  Personal expression of the writer through these events, include the plot and deciding the mood.  Read similar books for techniques and inspiration for development not duplicating.  This helps a writer to generate new creative writing ideas and to become the best they have to be.

Decide the time to spend for a weekly writing schedule and follow through with it.  Connect with readers by adding purposes, anticipation and surprise.  As the source create characters to keep readers company and hold their attention.  Introduce the protagonist with history, faults or challenge, what they may bring and carry with them. Entering into the story the protagonist has a goal.  Story plot and inner conflict can keep the protagonist from attaining that goal.  Reveal the protagonists conflict and inner resistance.  How will your protagonist get past the sensitive situations or pressures to attain the goal?  With descriptive action and interaction what do the results reveal?  Of three emotional scenes, one with learned experience at or near the end, decide if the protagonist attains the goal.

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