Sunday, May 25, 2014

Psychology Today: Stories Are Psychology

Each characters growth or interaction is an awareness of attraction or danger.  This awareness can arise through experience and at times circumstances driving logic or feeling.  The following excerpt is from my latest Thriller book.

Phil felt like a distant observer around Nanci when she had more to say than most people.

Tonight he felt like Nanci and something else was watching him through her.  Had she responded to something she wasn’t telling him about!  Knowing Nanci it wouldn’t take her long to start talking about it if there was something he should know.

She had begun to have a certain tone of interrogation in her speech.  He didn’t really like being questioned in that manner.  Why would she interrupt to try and block progress!

He remembered what Nar did to Nanci and realized she probably did sound more in charge than Nar would want.  He hadn’t ever voiced being in charge like Nanci was driven to.

He suspected Nar might plan to inflict the same injury on him.  Why Nanci would confront him with Nar’s behavior made sense now.  Possible she was trying to drag him into a bad situation.  She would have to be watched even more closely without feeling trapped.  He had no desire to be tortured; all he could do was complete his work as usual, he was the supervisor in charge.

Several network supervisors walked into his office.  “Phil, the devices have been picked up for distribution,” a network member said.  “Some of the members want to know if you have additional information for them before they leave.

Phil hadn’t expected a follow up for instructions he had already given.  That was beginning to fit in with Nanci’s reactions.  There was something else he had noticed barely discernible about some of the members.  They seemed to be getting somewhat distant and a little disjointed when they spoke.  In fact even the air around him seemed to change when they were present.  He knew there was nothing about them that was familiar to him; yet it seemed they had become almost non-human and dangerous with more demands.  He decided he would ignore it unless something really drastic happened, then he would deal with them.

“There is something that has come to my attention,” Phil said.  “We are moving ahead with our mission.  Make sure you tell everyone they are not expendable.  Nothing has changed we are assured of success; we have the upper hand, a technology that can’t be surpassed and the intelligence behind it that will last forever never changing.”

“We’ll get the news out to network personnel,” the member said.  “They need to know what is happening so they can make plans and move forward.”

“Our helicopters on the ships off shore and from other inland areas will be flying through for moral,” Phil said.  “They can land anywhere is the idea.  They are less obvious for us than jets.”

“Nar and his battle group are here to support us and be visible,” a member said.  “We know his battle group will interact in our defense.  We just haven’t seen that happen yet.”

“Nar is waiting for all of the devices to be delivered.  Then we begin our offensive for complete control,” Phil said.  He looked around the room.  “We are more effective with the devices; this is not a tug of war.  Nar is going have a complete overwhelming success and we are destined to rule earth for Nar.”

“Have patience, Nar and his battle group will come in visibly above us surrounding all of us and then defend us,” Phil told them.  “Keep in mind we are the ground forces and they are the air support.”

Phil clicked a switch on a small control panel.  One of his wall screens lit up.  “This is from one of our surveillance cameras covering a valley to the east,” he said.  “Hundreds of Nar’s battle group are gathered for our support.  You can see them hovering in a square formation.  They have gone to great lengths for us to avoid detection.  There are countless valleys like this around the world.  They are well organized and have continually defended us with wavelengths from individual and group craft.”

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