Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#Character And Word Order

Especially challenging to the interesting character of choice are the situations they are put into.  Grip your reader and return them safely, a lot has happened in full circle.  There are options to arrange speech for maximum effect.  Closeness to the characters emotion and action levels can end with a unity of life going on.

The following excerpt from my Thriller book:  Secret Terror In Wavelengths, has a Techno element.  If interested it can be found on   http://www.amazon.com/Janett-Lee-Wawrzyniak/e/B005K55SMK  and purchased or ordered from over 25,000 booksellers worldwide.

Jay and Leo wasted no time in taking charge of the network device.  The device was now on a table in one of the back offices was hooked up to testing equipment.  Everything about the device was being input into their computer system.

A thick red glow streamed through the huge plate glass windows into the dining room.  It surrounded dinner guests, while most of them were still seated.

With the red glow came a cold electric feeling that caused a sense of apprehension that something sinister had entered.  That feeling was caused by the very real wavelengths surrounding them; that everyone in Nar’s dimension lived in daily.  Just the nearness of the UFO’s close observation of people caused the unsettling feeling.

Guests near the windows stood to watch, and everyone could see the UFO’s outside hovering.  It lasted more than twenty minutes, and then the bizarre red glow receded back to the UFO.

Guests and members watched from the windows as the UFO’s headed in a flight to the south.  Everyone’s sensing and thoughts returned to normal when the UFO’s were a distance away.  Their dining room was warm and comfortable again; many people breathed a sigh of relief when the excruciating ordeal had ended.

For what seemed like a small eternity Knoton and Anton looked through the windows.

“We’ll tell the Commander about this as soon as he comes back from the offices,” Knoton said quietly.  “The UFO’s showing up outside the windows affecting everyone like that is not what anyone expected.  They seem to have caused a connection we haven’t been able to confirm ever before.”

Looking down on the device setting on a work table, the Commander said, “Leo we have to duplicate the wavelength from this device and Nar’s wavelength so we can block them.”

“We’re working on it, and once we have that from the intensities, let’s search out to locate the wavelength from Stephen’s faster quantum dimension.”

“I’m with you on that, measure, trace and track to block Nar and the network from anywhere,” the Commander said.

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