Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing Mood The Feel Of A Story

Mood is conveyed to the reader through description of the writer.  Emotions are described for characters.  Introduce the characters obstacle, a thing or person that will try to stop the character from achieving the overall goal.  Open the story with a hint of mood a foreshadowing of what is to come.  What kind of mood for the feel of a story, may be given by the genre the book is written in by helpful research. 

A few sub genres listed are the Techno-thriller with the theme of technology and threat of force using that technology.  A Techno-thriller may link the adventure, suspense, action and mystery from other genres.

Dark fantasy uses the individual mind or minds of others in imaginative power, to achieve changes or results through the supernatural, without the use of technology.  Dark fantasy has a sense of horror and dread.  Legends, fairy-tales, urban fantasies and more contain supernatural elements.

Spy fiction includes special-forces training and use of gadgets to achieve their secret mission from a government source.  Military fiction, Bounty hunters and Western fiction such as cowboy fiction are also sub genres.

Adventure genre includes many aspects of other genres as the protagonist has a journey or mission to accomplish and win through obstacles against all odds.

Faction genre having real historical people and events is interspersed with fiction and can give differences throughout.

Detective stories give information evolving to solve a crime, even if it seems impossible.  Professional or armature protagonist, the why and how of the crime must be solved.  More sub genres are gangster, legal thriller and murder mystery.

     Phil looked across to Jay through spaces of subdued lighting.  “Commander is that you?” Phil said, with a slight glow of innocence.  “I thought I might have recognized you.”
     In response Jay said, “It is me.  Well do I know you?”  Jay raised a suspicious eyebrow.
     Phil turned his gaze in silence; to the sound of running feet, from the direction of the halls closed double doors.  He watched as a grey suited man, who had stepped out of the hall, walked up to his table.

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