Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Most Exciting Parts In A Story

Write a lot to develop through practice.  The more you read about what interests you and write, the better you get.  Achieve different effects in writing with techniques learned from your reading.  Start writing and make progress daily.  Writing has many wonders and becomes its own reward.

In the characters daily life the reader gets to know your characters and to understand the conflict. You can accomplish this by showing instead of telling.  Lead readers to expect something to happen -- then surprise them with something different.

Something interrupts the protagonist’s daily life in a call to action. There may be resistance entering into the new situation, where something surprising happens.

The character understands the new situation, with any number of experiences.  Create delays by adding conflict and tension to build suspense just before the stakes rise. 

Stakes rise with a change and build up conflict to a crisis point.  A decision or change has to be made.  This point is called the story climax. The rest of the story depends on what happens at this time. This story highpoint can generate great suspense for your reader.

The protagonist temporarily defeated prepares for action against the antagonist.  Develop your story middle and keep the momentum going. Use plot complications to maintain action, interest, and excitement. Discover motivation for the action-packed story middle.

What events or characters bring strength or weakness out of the main character?  Events can make the character closer to attaining the goal, or push farther away.

A final plan is organized with a turning point or a confrontation.  Already your readers will feel close to your main character and will share his or her feelings; directly by the setting, physical reactions, and through the character's behavior.

Climax may include the protagonist arriving at the confrontation, then events turn against the protagonist and against all odds the protagonist wins.  Depending on how the climax is acted out, the main character learns something from experiences; this is called the story's resolution.  Write a great story ending that will seal readers' satisfaction with your story. Learn how to use curve endings to surprise and thrill your readers.

The sections that reveal something important are the sections you want to turn into gripping scenes.  The reader wants to experience through your main character’s perspective; in the present with detail in dialogue, sights, sounds and smells.

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